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Lost Art - Michelangelo - 3D Block Puzzle - by Dan Gilbert

Lost Art - Michelangelo - 3D Block Puzzle -Image of "The Libyan Sybil" from the Sistine Chapel Ceiling
Another puzzle invented by Dan Gilbert. This puzzle is no longer in production. The difficulty level for solving this 3D puzzle is "Hard"!

7" X 7" X 1.5"

To solve the puzzle and find the “Lost Art”, correctly arrange the ten blocks within the picture frame to complete the masterpiece.

Each of the ten blocks contains a fragment of the image on four of its sides.

Turn and tumble the blocks to find the correct combination of fragments that completes the masterpiece.

The box cover shows the completed masterpiece, but the solution depicted is not the real one.

There are many deceptions, but only ONE solution! Good luck! And, have fun!

Dan Gilbert is a graphic artist and the inventor of the award winning "Triazzle" among a number of other brain teaser puzzles, including the "Lost Art" series.

Since 1991 his puzzles have brought joy to millions of enthusiasts around the world. From grade school children to college graduates they offer a seemingly simple challenge . . . can you assemble the pieces with all pictures matching?

They Are Harder Than They Look!

The Triazzle is the recipient of numerous industry awards including Dr. Toy's Best Classic Products, The Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, and the National Parenting Center. There have been over 100 Triazzle brain teasers including computer games and smartphone apps. Triazzle was invented and designed by Dan Gilbert.