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Rare & Collectable Triazzle - Simpsons

Rare & Collectable Triazzle - Simpsons  

9" X 10.5" X 2.25"

In 2007 Megabrands licensed Triazzle and commissioned Dan Gilbert to design the Simpsons puzzle. Unfortunately, due to its own business complications, very few of the brain teasers were ever distributed and the license ended the following year. The designer acquired a small number of sample puzzles that have, up until now, been held in his private collection. Studio For Helios is the exclusive seller of these rare and collectible Simpsons Triazzles. This unique mosaic puzzle will delight and challenge the whole family. Remove the triangular pieces from the game board and mix them up. Then replace all the pieces so that each picture matches. Think it looks easy? Once you take it apart, it’s not a pretty picture! HAVE FUN! When you have mastered the puzzle – try a real challenge. See if you can assemble the pieces alone without the game board. Aged 8 and up.

Only five are available.