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Rare & Collectible "Fixen' Faces" Family Magnetic SidePocket Brain Teaser Game by Dan Gilbert

Rare & Collectible "Fixen' Faces" Magnetic SidePocket Brain Teaser Game by Dan Gilbert

Package Dimensions: 7" X 6.25" X 3/8th"

These puzzles are from the designers personal collection and are no longer being made and come in the original packaging. 

Dan Gilbert is the master of picture-matching brain teasers and most widely know for the award-winning Triazzle series. Fixin' Faces is one of his lesser-known matching puzzles and was part of the SidePocket Games series designed for Toy Smith. Its is a magnetic travel game housed in an over-sized jewel case. Similar to some other 9-square matching puzzles, Gilbert twist is that matched images are assembled from 4 different pieces rather than the typical 2!

Fixin' Faces is out of print and is from the designer's private collection.

Here is your chance to be the family hero! Assemble these nine pieces into a square so all the faces are fixed. This magnetic puzzle comes in a portable travel jewel case. Ages five and up.