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Beaded Earrings - Goldfish - by Mava Seaman

Beaded Earrings - "Goldfish" - by Mava Seaman

These are one-of-a-kind earrings. I will not repeat this color or exact design.

I made the rectangular base with size 11 Miyuki Japanese Delica beads using a peyote stitch and are hung from a sterling silver 15 x 7 x 2.5mm bail. I beaded the fringe matching the colors of the Delica beads I used to weave the triangular base with size 15 Miyuki Japanese seed beads.

Sterling silver plate size 11 Japanese seed beads adorn the sides of the peyote stitch panel and some of the fringe is size 15 silver plate seed beads. All of the fringes are tipped with sterling silver bi-cones.

The ear wires are sterling silver lever back with a teardrop shield. The drop length of the earrings is 3 & 1/4 inches. The beaded panel is 1 & 1/8th x 7/8th inches. The length from the top of the bail loop to the bottom of the fringe is 2 & 5/8th inches.

Japanese beads are the most uniform in size and shape. Delica seed beads are tubular in shape and work very well in weaving projects. Rocaille seed beads are generally donut-shaped or sometimes round. The sizing (11/0 or 15/0, etc) indicates approximately how many beads will fit in an inch end-to-end. So, an 11/0 is larger than a 15/0. There are many sizes of seed beads. The smallest seed beads that were ever made are aught 24, the size of a very fine grain of sand! The largest seed beads are aught 6. The smallest beads currently made are 15/Os. During the 1990s, the Czechs made size 16/0s seed beads, which I love. You can get vintage or antique seed beads that are smaller, but they are not uniform in size and you have to use very thin beading needles and thread.

I began my art career in the early 1970s with embroidery using mostly satins, silks, velvet, and jean jackets to make quilts and embroidered clothing. I framed some of my embroidered art as well. I also dabbled in hand painting clothing. Eventually, I became interested in beads and what could be done with them. I started beading in the early 1990s and am self-taught. I used Bead & Button magazine to learn how to read graphs and make jewelry. I started with simple projects right out of the magazine and quickly progressed to building bead bezels for cabochons, both glass, and semi-precious stones, as well as using a number of different bead weaving techniques to design and create jewelry, wall hangings, hair ornaments, and handbags. I collaborated with my father to make several necklaces and bead embroidered pieces. With my father’s encouragement, I also made my own cabochons from slabs of jade and aventurine. I would love to do that again sometime!

I have rarely sold any of my pieces and have only made a couple of designs more than once. I really prefer doing one-of-a-kind pieces. In the past, I have given my creations away to family and friends, keeping only what I’ve made for myself. I like doing one-of-a-kind pieces most of all. I started making these Southwest-style earrings in October 2021 and decided it would be fun to sell them. I would eventually like to do several more collections to add to what I am creating here.

I will consider doing bespoke pieces, as well. Just message me here!

I hope you enjoy my art as much as I enjoy making them.

I love to see other bead artists' work and share ideas and techniques.

I will consider bespoke, as well. Just message me!