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Beaded Earrings - Desert Blanket - by Mava Seaman

Beaded Earrings - "Desert Blanket" - by Mava Seaman

These are one-of-a-kind earrings. I will not repeat this color or exact design.

The rectangular base is made with size 11 Miyuki Japanese Delica beads using a peyote stitch. I made the beaded fringe using the same beads, size 11 Japanese Miyuki Delicas, and sterling silver plate size 15 Japanese Miyuki seed beads. I added 6 x 2mm sterling silver oval beads as the drop bead on the end of each fringe.

The trim work around the outside of the rectangular peyote stitch base is sterling silver plate size 15 Japanese seed beads in a picot stitch. The top of the earrings are 26 x 8 x 2.2mm sterling silver bails with 19 gauge, sterling silver 12mm French "fishhook" earring wires with a 1.5mm ball.

The drop length of these earrings is 3 & 1/4 inches. The length from the top of the bail to the bottom of the fringe is 2 & 7/8th inches and the width of the earrings is 1 and 1/8th inches.

Types of beads and sizes:

Delica beads are very uniform-sized tubular beads that are the best type for weaving, peyote stitch, and brick stitch as well as many other uses. Since they are tubular the fit tightly together when weaving. Seed beads are usually an oval shape...sometimes they are round. Another name for them is "rocailles". They are great for fringe work, bead embroidery, and many other types of bead weaving. The Japanese make the most uniform size seed beads. The two most popular brands are "Miyuki" and "Toho". Bead sizing works like this: size 11/0 are the most commonly used size. That means there are about 11 beads end on end in one inch. Size 15/0 beads are smaller. There are approximately 15 beads in one inch.

I have been beading since the mid-1990s and am self-taught. In the beginning, I mainly used Bead&Button magazine and made some of their many projects until I learned enough techniques and stitches to begin designing my own things. I enjoy making beaded projects using different stitches and styles and rarely make the same design twice. I rarely sell my pieces. I decided to start making earrings and barrettes to sell in October 2021.

I love to see other bead artists' work and share ideas and techniques.

I will consider bespoke, as well. Just message me!